Tar Ears complete HSL scavenger hunt!

The Tar Ears team (Speech and Hearing Sciences) has successfully completed the HSL scavenger hunt. Congratulations, Tar Ears!

“HSL is the Best!”

HSL is the best! The librarians and staff are very helpful. The Scavenger Hunt was fun and informative way to get to know the library better.

– Tar Ears scavenger hunt team member

Kool Kids team complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Congratulations, Kool Kids team!  You successfully completed the HSL scavenger hunt.

“Compact Shelves were really cool”

We came to do a scavenger hunt and thought that the compact shelves were really cool.

– Kool Kids scavenger hunt team (Radiologic Science)

Team X-cellent finishes scavenger hunt!

Team X-cellent (Radiologic Science) finished the HSL scavenger hunt. Good job!

HSL Resources are “amazing”

“The amount of resources available to students is amazing. From group study rooms, CCI printing, a phone charging station, and being able to check out different things (Markers, computer chargers, etc.) is beneficial to the students and offers new ways of learning. From doing research, to studying in groups the Health Science Library invites students and offer substantial resources to aid in their learning.”

- Austin Smith, Scavenger Hunt Team X-cellent (Radiologic Science divisions, Allied Health)

Occupy Bondurant loves groups; finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulations, Occupy Bondurant!

“Lovely group groups!” – Occupy Bondurant scavenger hunt team (OCCT)

“League of Ordinary Gentlemen and Lady” finish scavenger hunt!

Congratulations, League of Ordinary Gentlemen and Lady!  Good job.


“Cool” and “Very Helpful”!

The moving bookshelves in the basement were cool. Library staff are very helpful.

– League of Ordinary Gentlemen and Lady (RADI scavenger hunt team)

Team Miles finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulation Team Miles!