High-Five a Librarian Day

Max giving the Nancy Pearl librarian action figure a high five!



Have a great day!



Happy Fall from I Love My HSL!

Happy Fall!

Attention Students: HSL Feedback & Food on October 20!

HSL Feedback & Food!

HSL Feedback & Food!

Ugly Ducklings “Had a blast during our Scavenger Hunt!”

Rad-Sci had a blast during our scavenger hunt! It gave us an opportunity to explore areas of HSL we haven’t seen before. The staff at the desk were very helpful and gave us great assistance to all the questions we had. 
We were surprised how easy it was to find the printer, the scanner, and other useful resources we needed. We are thankful to have HSL available to us!

Cool Kids finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

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The Hot Deweys finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

It was great to finally get to know my HSL. Very happy to have these resources at my disposal. The faculty is very helpful and friendly!

Just Awesome Grad Kids finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!!

Something that we particularly LOVE is the “Ask a Librarian” chat feature. When we had a few general questions about booking rooms, which floors are best to study on, which floors are the “quiet” floors, and the Librarian were beyond helpful. Not only did they give me the answers but they were so descriptive and went above and beyond. It is nice to know that they are available to talk, even while we are at home and have questions.

We also like the atmosphere of the HSL. Since our building is so close to the HSL, it’s easy to just get a change of scenery and it’s great to have those resources so close. It’s also very efficient that we are able to connect to the printer on our laptops. It saves so much time when you do work on your laptop and don’t want to worry about transferring your work to a different computer. Thanks HSL!

Pizza completes scavenger hunt!

The HSL is a wonderful place to study and research. My favorite thing about it is the group study rooms, which are extremely easy to reserve!
— Pizza group, Radiologic Science

Can You Hear Me Now?! Finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL staff are so incredibly helpful and ready to help us at any time! We love that they are available in person during library hours and that they have a way to ask questions online after hours!