Team Narwhal completes HSL scavenger hunt!

Congratulations, Team Narwhal! You successfully completed the HSL scavenger hunt!

Interlibrary loan “another thing that makes the HSL so great!”

While completing the scavenger hunt, one of the things we learned more about was the Interlibrary Loan option. We thought this was a really fantastic resource and just another thing that makes the HSL so great!

-Team Narwhal, Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology

PT Brah finishes HSL scavenger hunt!

Congratulations, PT Brah! You have successfully finished the scavenger hunt!

“The real interconnectedness of the whole UNC library system is pretty impressive. And being able to check out books from the libraries of other major universities in the triangle area will probably be very helpful. A lot of this web based centralization seems new in the last 5-10 years so those of us who took some time off between undergrad and grad school have some really great new tools to help us with our studies.”

– PT Brah team member

MBA team completes HSL scavenger hunt!

Good work, MBA team!

Dark Kiss team finished scavenger hunt!

Congratulations to the Dark Kiss team (Speech and Hearing Sciences). Great job!

MBA team “loved the compact shelving”!

MBA loved the compact shelving located in the basement. We did not know it was there, and were very excited to mess around with them. The staff was very willing to take a picture with us and helpful. We even used Ask a Librarian a couple of times.

– MBA Team, RADI

Tar Ears complete HSL scavenger hunt!

The Tar Ears team (Speech and Hearing Sciences) has successfully completed the HSL scavenger hunt. Congratulations, Tar Ears!

“HSL is the Best!”

HSL is the best! The librarians and staff are very helpful. The Scavenger Hunt was fun and informative way to get to know the library better.

– Tar Ears scavenger hunt team member

Kool Kids team complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Congratulations, Kool Kids team!  You successfully completed the HSL scavenger hunt.

“Compact Shelves were really cool”

We came to do a scavenger hunt and thought that the compact shelves were really cool.

– Kool Kids scavenger hunt team (Radiologic Science)