Team Miles finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulation Team Miles!


Eight Ears and a Mouth completes scavenger hunt!

Contgratulations to Eight Ears and a Mouth!

“… excited to use the Health Sciences Library”!

The librarians were so helpful and made us excited to use Health Sciences Library in the future!

–SPHS Scavenger hunt team “Eight Ears and a Mouth”

Oddiology Group completes HSL scavenger hunt!

Way to go Oddiology team!


“…Extremely helpful and friendly!”

The front desk was extremely helpful and friendly!! The scavenger hunt was fun.

– Tootsies Scavenger Hunt group (SPHS)

Early Wintervention finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulations Early Wintervention Team!

Tootsies group finishes scavenger hunt!

Good job Tootsies!!!

WHWMYT finishes scavenger hunt

The Speech and Hearing Sciences WHWMYT (We Have Ways of Making You Talk) group has completed the scavenger hunt!

“We love…the library’s staff”!

We love how knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful the library’s staff is. There is always someone willing to answer any question we have!

– SPHS Team W.H.W.M.Y.T.*  

* WHWMYT = We Have Ways of Making You Talk (Speech and Hearing Sciences scavenger hunt group)

“Run It” group finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulations, Run It group! Here are some scavenger hunt photos from Run It group students (Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences).