One librarian volunteered her own time, working late into the night to help me

I’ve found the staff in HSL to be extremely helpful. Using the Ask A Librarian feature has been particularly beneficial for me, as the most qualified person usually takes on whichever question I am posing at the time. As a totally blind student, sometimes making sure things appear visually as they should can be a challenge. So I asked if someone could aid me there, and one librarian volunteered her own time, working late into the night to help me spiff up a major project recently. I really did appreciate that. Also, as I prepare to launch my Masters project, I am having to look far and wide to locate articles. First, a librarian showed me how to use RefWorks in order to gather all of my articles into one place. This should make tracking and citing them a lot easier. She also walked me through downloading the software onto my netbook. Secondly, I found an article in the news that made reference to a study which I knew would be very relevant for my research. Using the tips I had been given during tutorials on how to effectively use the HSL, I managed to track down the study even though no title had been given in the news article. I can now use it as a citation. Thank you for all you do, for caring, and for taking this job seriously.

John Miller, Student, Department of Allied Health, UNC School of Medicine

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