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We Love the Convenient Mobile Charging Station!

It took a while to find the mobile charging station but it is a very convenient station and we loved it!

– Radiologic Science Students

We Love the User Services Desk Staff at HSL!

We love the HSL! The staff at the User Services desk are very friendly and willing to help. I look forward to using the many services provided in the near future.

– Radiologic Science Students


I Love HSL’s Quiet Study Spaces!

The HSL is a great quiet place to study!

– Radiologic Science Student

We Love the Convenient Book Return!

We love the HSL because book return is simple and can be done even when the library is closed! Ashley, Katie, & Heather

– Radiologic Science Students

We Love “Ask-A-Librarian”…Virtual and In Real Life!

We love the “Ask a Librarian” tool on the HSL website. We also physically “asked a librarian” at the HSL User Services Desk, and it was ever so helpful! It’s great that we have so many mediums through which we can find answers to our questions (even after library hours)! Jamie M., Brian B., Petros P., and Susan M.

– Speech and Hearing Science Students

I Love the Clean, Modern Feel; Computers; Study Spaces with Outlets!

In the first few weeks, I’ve enjoyed the clean, modern feel of the library, the large number of computers and access to study space with outlets. The combination of these factors makes HSL a great, mostly quiet, place to study on campus.

– Speech and Hearing Science Student

We Love the Compact Shelving!

We love the compact shelving units in the basement of the library. We think the library is very well organized and we love the coffee shop and availability of printers! Sarah W., Michelle H., Heather M., and Lauren J.

– Speech and Hearing Science Students

“Oh, What a Relief” Ask-A-Librarian Is! … HSL Offers Convenience!

My favorite part about the HSL is the convenience it offers. Its proximity to my classes in Bondurant Hall means that I can stop by the HSL to utilize its many resources without having to spend more than a few minutes at a time actually getting there or accessing what I need. As a graduate student, having CCI printing so close at hand means I can quickly print out and get a head start on journal article readings during my breaks. I also appreciate the mobile charging station for those longer study breaks between classes. It is a relief to know that I have several avenues for using Ask A Librarian whenever I “get stuck” in my research, even if I am at home off-campus.

– Speech and Hearing Science Student

We Love Comfy Study Space and “Beyond Helpful” Staff!

We love that the HSL has a TON of comfy study space! We will never have to worry about not finding the perfect place to spread our books out to study. Also, the HSL staff is beyond helpful! They are eager and excited to answer any questions that we may have.

-Speech and Hearing Science Students

I LOVE The HSL Because

I love the HSL because it is specialized to what my program is, which makes it much easier to locate what I need for my classes. I thought the library orientation with Barbara Renner was very helpful in showing my class how to not only navigate the HSL website, but also to figure out how to get help from those working at the library if we are stuck. Thanks for all that you do!