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Happy Fall from I Love My HSL!

Happy Fall!

Attention Students: HSL Feedback & Food on October 20!

HSL Feedback & Food!

HSL Feedback & Food!

Amazing building

Today my group and I learned so much about what HSL had to offer to the Department of Allied Health Sciences. We were all so lucky to try out the new scavenger hunt, we enjoyed the informational challenge. We ventured around the floors of this amazing building finding where specific things are carefully located. For my group we all believe that the study rooms will be our second homes!

Helpful conversation with Fran

While completing an awesome HSL scavenger hunt, our group particularly enjoyed a helpful conversation with Fran at the User Services desk. She was really helpful, had a great smile, made us laugh, lifted our worries, and made us feel comfortable coming back with questions at any time, of which we will have many. She said, “Why spend 30 minutes frantic when you can just ask?”  -Kate Winterbottom, Katherine Loebner, Whitney Doub, Leigh Wallmeyer.

Photo by Kate Winterbottom, graduate student, Allied Health Sciences. Group’s photo of compact shelving during HSL scavenger hunt.

Made my experience here much easier!

I am a recently admitted graduate student to the Allied Health Sciences department, and just moved here from California. One of the first places I visited once I got here was the HSL. When I was checking out a book, I admitted to a librarian at the User Services desk that I had no idea how to get around in the area. The librarian then walked me over to a section of the library that had all the bus routes and schedules and explained everything from looking up routes at GoTriangle to finding out which side of the road I needed to catch the bus on. She was so extremely helpful, and made my experience here much easier!

Photo by Cierra Gordon, graduate student, Allied Health Sciences. Group’s photo of scanner during HSL scavenger hunt.

We were lucky

This is our first week of classes in the Doctor of Audiology program through Allied Health Sciences. We were lucky enough to meet Dr. Renner to get a quick lecture on all the Health Sciences Library has to offer this morning, before we went to explore the area ourselves. Once we got into the library, the staff was extremely helpful with all of our questions. Our favorite aspect of the library? The study rooms and compact shelving!

Photo by Sarah Obarowski, graduate student, Allied Health Sciences. Group’s photo of compact shelving during HSL scavenger hunt.

The place is perfect!

We love the HSL because it provides such a wonderful atmosphere for studying and learning, both individually and with fellow classmates. The space is comfortable and inviting and you can find an ideal spot for any type of work you need to do. Whether studying in groups, practicing a presentation, or just getting a few peaceful moments of quiet and relaxation, the HSL has a place for it all! And the coffee shop right inside the door is an excellent touch as it serves one of the MOST vital needs of all graduate students (caffeine!) We couldn’t ask for a better place to spend our study time at UNC! Traci Parnell, Susan Schaedel and Shannon Spain Speech-Language Pathology Students Class of 2014

Photo by Shannon Spain, graduate student, Allied Health Sciences. Group’s photo of compact shelving during HSL scavenger hunt.