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“We love that we can access a vast array of resources through the HSL”

We appreciate the HSL’s well-designed, detailed and easy-to-navigate website. The ability to have books delivered to the library is great and we love that we can access a vast array of resources through the HSL. The high-tech study rooms are also a great feature and we look forward to using them throughout our time at UNC.

– “The HeartThrobs”  Scavenger Hunt team (Physician Assistant program)

“It’s cool”!

HSL: “It’s cool”  – No Namers Scavenger Hunt team (Radiologic Science)


HSL “the best place to be on campus”!

It’s so awesome the many ways to connect with a librarian or a member of the library staff! There is so much support and guidance which makes the HSL the best place to be on campus.

— Fantastic Four Scavenger Hunt team (Occupational Therapy)

“It’s amazing”!

We enjoyed learning more about the interlibrary loan services available to us through UNC. It’s amazing that we have so many resources at our fingertips!

— Tar Heels 4 Eva  (Scavenger hunt team, Speech-Language Pathology)

“No Worries!”

My top three list for what I love about my HSL: 1. Ease of access – Every service and resource here is super accessible, and if you aren’t sure how to find or locate it? No worries! Because the library staff is readily available to help! 2. Individual study options – The amount of space and variety of options for personal study time is awesome. Especially for a student like me who is most productive when at the library (not home!). 3. Group study options – The fact that group space is readily available without a reservation or that it can be reserved online is a wonderful convenience that I fully plan on taking advantage of! Well, I could keep going, but I promised to stop at three. So there you have it, my top three reasons for why I love my HSL.

— Booking it to the Library!  (Occupational Therapy scavenger hunt team)


HSL’s Ask-A-Librarian Service provides quick help!

I love the HSL because of the convenience of CCI printing from your laptop, the many private study rooms available for use, and the “Ask a librarian tool” which provides quick help.

— Gotta Catch Em All scavenger hunt team (Speech-Language Pathology)

“It is so exciting!”

We have just finished learning about all the features that the UNC library offers! It is so exciting to be at an institution that not only has wifi printing, interlibrary loan services, and study rooms, but also a cafe! Candace says, “In the past, libraries that I have used were small and there were not that many services available at the library due to lack of funding. As a result, there was a lack of interest in using the library for anything besides studying. I am excited that there are so many options available just online!”

– SqAud scavenger hunt team (Clinical Doctorate in Audiology program)

F1000 overview “very helpful … Thank you!”

The F1000 overview introduced a new technology to me which seems like it will be very helpful to organize research material. Thank you!

– Scooby Doo scavenger hunt team (Occupational Therapy)


HSL, “what a great resource!”

Everything is so accessible and easy to find! We even found out that 2 of our required text books are fully available online through the HSL! What a great resource for a poor student waiting on text books to be delivered! Thanks HSL!

– Dr. Roush Fan Club  Scavenger Hunt Team (Clinical Doctorate in Audiology program)


We think it’s fabulous that all manner of chargers/cables are available for loan at the desk. Never again will we have to quit working at the library to go home for a charger. Thanks for your foresight, HSL!

— Library Rats (scavenger hunt team, Speech-Language Pathology)