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We Love the Friendly Staff, Quiet Study Spaces, and Online Resources!

We love the HSL because the staff is friendly, it is a great quiet place to study and there are tons of references online for our research! – Brianna H., Emily C., Scott R. and Diann M.

– Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology Students

We Love HSL Help for Theses and Master’s Papers!


The HSL is very helpful resource for all graduate students in general and especially for students that plan on producing a thesis or master’s paper. Thank you, HSL

– Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology Students

I Love HSL Technology and Study Space!


I like the technology that we are able to use. I also like that there is enough room to study. – Chelse

-Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology Student

I Love HSL’s Specialized Resource Guides!

I love the HSL because it is specialized to what my program is, which makes it much easier to locate what I need for my classes. I thought the library orientation with Barbara Renner was very helpful in showing my class how to not only navigate the HSL website, but also to figure out how to get help from those working at the library if we are stuck. Thanks for all that you do!

– Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology Student


We Love the Friendly Staff!

We love the friendly staff!!

– Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology Students