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HSL “the best place to be on campus”!

It’s so awesome the many ways to connect with a librarian or a member of the library staff! There is so much support and guidance which makes the HSL the best place to be on campus.

— Fantastic Four Scavenger Hunt team (Occupational Therapy)

“No Worries!”

My top three list for what I love about my HSL: 1. Ease of access – Every service and resource here is super accessible, and if you aren’t sure how to find or locate it? No worries! Because the library staff is readily available to help! 2. Individual study options – The amount of space and variety of options for personal study time is awesome. Especially for a student like me who is most productive when at the library (not home!). 3. Group study options – The fact that group space is readily available without a reservation or that it can be reserved online is a wonderful convenience that I fully plan on taking advantage of! Well, I could keep going, but I promised to stop at three. So there you have it, my top three reasons for why I love my HSL.

— Booking it to the Library!  (Occupational Therapy scavenger hunt team)


F1000 overview “very helpful … Thank you!”

The F1000 overview introduced a new technology to me which seems like it will be very helpful to organize research material. Thank you!

– Scooby Doo scavenger hunt team (Occupational Therapy)


Occupy Bondurant loves groups; finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulations, Occupy Bondurant!

“Lovely group groups!” – Occupy Bondurant scavenger hunt team (OCCT)

Team Miles finishes scavenger hunt!

Congratulation Team Miles!


Out of Towners complete scavenger hunt blazingly fast!

Great job!  Here are some photos submitted by students in the “Out of Towners” scavenger hunt group (Occupational Therapy).

“Desk staff were helpful…”

HSL front desk staff were helpful in showing us the online resources.

– “Miles” scavenger hunt team (Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy)

Team “Out of Towners” loves HSL’s Ask a Librarian!

My scavenger hunt team loves the Ask a Librarian feature! It’s so helpful to have a multitude of ways to contact a librarian, including the very convenient live chat option. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of this option as we begin to tackle research assignments.

– Student, “Out of Towners” Scavenger Hunt team (Division of Occupational Science and OccupationalTherapy)

I Love the Friendly User Services Desk and the Charging Station

The User Services desk is always friendly and helpful and I love the charging station.

– Occupational Therapy Student

I love having access to the mobile device charging station. I am constantly forgetting to not only charge my phone but to bring a charger with me to school. But that’s just one of many conveniences that the HSL offers to students like me. I also love that they always have computers available for me to access the CCI printer through. I use these at least 4 times a week! Thanks for everything you do!

– Occupational Therapy Student

We Love the Scavenger Hunt! …and who knew you could check out bones from the User Services Desk!?!

We loved doing the scavenger hunt in the HSL- Susan was super helpful! We didn’t realize that you could check out bones from the User Services Desk- who knew?! We’ll definitely be back for more. Erin, Monica, Lucy, and Laura

– Occupational Therapy Students