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I Love the Friendly User Services Desk and the Charging Station

The User Services desk is always friendly and helpful and I love the charging station.

– Occupational Therapy Student

I love having access to the mobile device charging station. I am constantly forgetting to not only charge my phone but to bring a charger with me to school. But that’s just one of many conveniences that the HSL offers to students like me. I also love that they always have computers available for me to access the CCI printer through. I use these at least 4 times a week! Thanks for everything you do!

– Occupational Therapy Student

We Love the Scavenger Hunt! …and who knew you could check out bones from the User Services Desk!?!

We loved doing the scavenger hunt in the HSL- Susan was super helpful! We didn’t realize that you could check out bones from the User Services Desk- who knew?! We’ll definitely be back for more. Erin, Monica, Lucy, and Laura

– Occupational Therapy Students