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“We love how HSL has accessible online databases”!

We love how the HSL has accessible online databases to research topics without having to come to the library. We also appreciate that the HSL has resources that can gather information for me that may be behind a paywall so I don’t have to make extra purchases during my research. Some other helpful features which we appreciate are the ability to renew books online without coming into the library and the ability to chat with a librarian online for assistance.

– RADDS Scavenger Hunt Team (Radiologic Science)

“It’s cool”!

HSL: “It’s cool”  – No Namers Scavenger Hunt team (Radiologic Science)


Ugly Ducklings “Had a blast during our Scavenger Hunt!”

Rad-Sci had a blast during our scavenger hunt! It gave us an opportunity to explore areas of HSL we haven’t seen before. The staff at the desk were very helpful and gave us great assistance to all the questions we had. 
We were surprised how easy it was to find the printer, the scanner, and other useful resources we needed. We are thankful to have HSL available to us!

Cool Kids finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

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The Hot Deweys finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

It was great to finally get to know my HSL. Very happy to have these resources at my disposal. The faculty is very helpful and friendly!

Pizza completes scavenger hunt!

The HSL is a wonderful place to study and research. My favorite thing about it is the group study rooms, which are extremely easy to reserve!
— Pizza group, Radiologic Science

MBA team completes HSL scavenger hunt!

Good work, MBA team!

MBA team “loved the compact shelving”!

MBA loved the compact shelving located in the basement. We did not know it was there, and were very excited to mess around with them. The staff was very willing to take a picture with us and helpful. We even used Ask a Librarian a couple of times.

– MBA Team, RADI

Kool Kids team complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Congratulations, Kool Kids team!  You successfully completed the HSL scavenger hunt.

“Compact Shelves were really cool”

We came to do a scavenger hunt and thought that the compact shelves were really cool.

– Kool Kids scavenger hunt team (Radiologic Science)