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HSL, “what a great resource!”

Everything is so accessible and easy to find! We even found out that 2 of our required text books are fully available online through the HSL! What a great resource for a poor student waiting on text books to be delivered! Thanks HSL!

– Dr. Roush Fan Club  Scavenger Hunt Team (Clinical Doctorate in Audiology program)


We think it’s fabulous that all manner of chargers/cables are available for loan at the desk. Never again will we have to quit working at the library to go home for a charger. Thanks for your foresight, HSL!

— Library Rats (scavenger hunt team, Speech-Language Pathology)

Can You Hear Me Now?! Finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL staff are so incredibly helpful and ready to help us at any time! We love that they are available in person during library hours and that they have a way to ask questions online after hours!

Speakeasies Finish Scavenger Hunt!

“It’s great that you can check out bones at the HSL!”

SLPs2B Complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Our favorite part about this HSL is… its resources! From equipment to books to knowledgeable employees, the HSL has it all!

“The Real 1st Place” Finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We had fun doing our scavenger hunt in the HSL. Everything is easy to find and utilize. We also loved the staff members at the USD. They were helpful and so nice!

“The Real First Place” finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

The staff at the HSL desk was very friendly and eager to help!

“First Place” finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt photos submitted by “First Place.”

BLT’s Finish HSL Scavenger Hunt: “We can feel the good vibes”!

We are impressed with the HSL’s innovative resources that are above-and-beyond the typical offerings of a university’s library, such as the standing desks, laptop rental, the accessibility of librarians and research support, and the general positive atmosphere of the HSL. We can literally feel the good vibes as soon as we enter the door!

Speech-Librarian Pathologists finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

On our HSL scavenger hunt, we found it very helpful and informative to learn about all the resources. Our favorite part of the scavenger hunt was exploring the basement floor and finding the moving bookshelves (or compact shelves). While the bookshelves were super cool, they also have thousands of great resources on them!