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HSL Pet Therapy featured on back cover of Carolina Alumni Review!


HSL Pet Therapy Days Defeat Finals Stress!

“Superpowers possessed by librarians”!

The HSL is quickly teaching me the superpowers possessed by librarians. As a TA for a class, I was asked to make sure all the links in the professor’s syllabus from last year were still active. They weren’t, and one that seemed critical lead to a fee-based site. I thought maybe the library would be willing to subscribe, as it was autism-linked and seemed widely applicable. Barbara Renner is my contact person and encouraged me to send her details so that she could make it happen. Dee Stuckey was the expert Barbara teamed up with. Dee looked into the fee-based site much more deeply, watching 8+ minutes of a video I’d neglected and found a FREE link to the info I wanted. Then she wrote with careful detail so that I could go straight to the link. I passed it on to the professor and the students in the class. We were all thrilled to have access to the information and grateful to Dee and Barbara for their investigative work. They saved us time and money! Thank you HSL librarians!

Hyoid Bones complete HSL scavenger hunt!

After completing our grad school HSL scavenger hunt, we came across a lot of great resources, from the E-journal and catalog search, as well as the Ask Us button, to the compact shelving on the ground floor (which we found to be really cool and a great way to store information). We feel confident that the HSL will be there to help us in our endeavors throughout our graduate studies and look forward to taking advantage of all the resources it has to offer!

– Hyoid Bones Scavenger Hunt group (Speech Language Pathology)

I really appreciate how user friendly the website is! The “Ask” option is extremely helpful and the layout of the library itself is really great! Its awesome that there are different studying environments on each floor of the HSL.

– Hyoid Bones Scavenger Hunt group member


“Enthusiastic and clear… incredibly responsive…knowledgeable”

“I’d like to offer recognition to Mary [White, Global Public Health Librarian] in appreciation for her excellent support for our HPM [Health Policy & Management] Lit Reviews course. In addition to her enthusiastic and clear lecture style, she was incredibly responsive to my (and others) requests for support. She provided quick and helpful input on topics ranging from  review of an overall research concept to more detailed questions about the quirks of different search engines.  It is great to have her as such a knowledgeable and cheerful part of the UNC research support community!”

– Syril Petit, DrPH student

“We love how HSL has accessible online databases”!

We love how the HSL has accessible online databases to research topics without having to come to the library. We also appreciate that the HSL has resources that can gather information for me that may be behind a paywall so I don’t have to make extra purchases during my research. Some other helpful features which we appreciate are the ability to renew books online without coming into the library and the ability to chat with a librarian online for assistance.

– RADDS Scavenger Hunt Team (Radiologic Science)

“I Love this library…!”

I love this library for the people on staff! I appreciate the kind and efficient assistance delivered to me my first time in the door by Kaylin and Annie! Thank you very much for your assistance.

– “Something Awesome” Scavenger hunt team (Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling)


Hug a Health Sciences Librarian!

See this article in the Portland Press Herald:


High-Five a Librarian Day

Max giving the Nancy Pearl librarian action figure a high five!



Have a great day!