Health Hunters complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

A few of us have different stories. First off, we would like to thank the librarians for being extremely helpful each time we were in need. We are all excited to have group study rooms with white boards, which will make it easier to collaborate. We are also excited about the yoga room and to learn from each other’s various meditative practices.

– Health Hunters scavenger hunt group (SLP)

HALA group completes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL is a well-connected and easily accessible for all students in Health Sciences. Anything we could ever need to do our best work is available and if we ever have questions or need assistance, it’s just an ‘Ask Us’ away! Thanks for all you do for students and faculty!

– HALA Scavenger Hunt group (DPT program)

Hyoid Bones complete HSL scavenger hunt!

After completing our grad school HSL scavenger hunt, we came across a lot of great resources, from the E-journal and catalog search, as well as the Ask Us button, to the compact shelving on the ground floor (which we found to be really cool and a great way to store information). We feel confident that the HSL will be there to help us in our endeavors throughout our graduate studies and look forward to taking advantage of all the resources it has to offer!

– Hyoid Bones Scavenger Hunt group (Speech Language Pathology)

I really appreciate how user friendly the website is! The “Ask” option is extremely helpful and the layout of the library itself is really great! Its awesome that there are different studying environments on each floor of the HSL.

– Hyoid Bones Scavenger Hunt group member


Funtastic Four Finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We LOVE HSL! The resources available to students are very helpful. Our group loved the fact that HSL allows you to rent out many supplies involving your computer such as chargers, markers, bongles, and other useful materials. This gives some reassurance when a busy schedule might make one forgetful. Thanks HSL!

– Funtastic Four Scavenger Hunt group (SPHS/SLP)

Fantastic Fourm finishes HSL scavenger hunt!

The coffee is amazing! Nice librarians, easy navigation through both the hsl website and the library itself.

– Fantastic Fourm HSL scavenger hunt group (DPT)

AuD Women Out finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

The compact shelving had a whole section for ear and hearing! We love ears!

– The AuD Women Out Scavenger Hunt group (AuD)

AuD2017B finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Everyone at the library was extremely helpful and friendly.

– AuD2017B HSL Scavenger Hunt team


The Hippies complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL is right beside our classes. It will be convenient during breaks or when we need to print somehting quickly. It is nice that some of our textbooks are accessbile as E-books through the HSL. The guidelines on the HSL website will be useful to consult, especially the writing and citation ones. We will also utilize the poster templates if we have any future presentations. We noticed there is a guideline for Scholarships. It will be convenient to have a list to refer to when it is time to apply. We will probably use the group study rooms frequently, and we will also study in the Friends’ Cafe. We will definitely take advantage of the close supply of caffeine!!

– “The Hippies” Scavenger Hunt group (DPT)

Achilles Heels Finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

I love my HSL because of the interlibrary loan service that it offers. This is something that all universities should adopt!

– Achilles Heels HSL Scavenger Hunt Group (DPT)

Sprainiacs Finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Huge shoutout to the HSL for all of the standing desk options! All of us PT students who can’t sit still LOVE the chance to get all of our work done while giving our legs a much needed break from sitting all day! Thank you!

–  Sprainiacs Scavenger Hunt group (PT)